heres my eadd
“” , “ NUMBERS öö ” , “ PRINSISTAH öö

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im just me “CHINKY MEDINA”.
&& i consider myself as a teenager who sumtyms act like a kid. && i used to smyl a lot
people call me.
►►► ky, inki, duday, dai, txinkee, nena, indi, chinkx, dudz, ching2 && a lot more.

my birth month is march && my astrological sign is pisces “ fish”

siga aq mglakad. [[mai angal??]] aha i maybe 90% girly and 10% boyish. haha ;] watever.

im a dreamer i dreamt thngs dat r way too IMPOSSIBLE exmples lyk I alwys wanted to hav wings and fly ,to reach a star and a lot mor. but, my greatest dreams is to hav a PRINCE just lyk in disney cartoons..
*SILLY me ryt?? haha

"psh, i am who i am. take it or leave it if you cant accept me for who i am then fcuk u."

i am really an outgoing person. Esp when im with my girls! Bf && bf!! :D :D

a gurl who loves shopping and hu has her own make up kit
but im not kikai!! Errr !@#$%^ weird ayt?

i reali labb sleeping ZZzz!, SouNdtriPssss. laughtrips!,
and FOODTRIPShaha!.. i do eat a lot, d ka mnwala nu? haha.:D

i am so much addicted to texting and chatting and talking!

I love colors

these are sum stuff u should know about me!
thanks a lot foe viewin` mah proffie.

keep in touch! mumuaa :p