Tibok-Tibok ( Carabao's Milk Pudding ) - a native pudding recipe made from carabao's milk instead of the usual coconut milk.
Cebuano Corn Pudding - a native delicacy pudding made by cebuanos made from young corn kernels, buko meat and milk.
Budbud Pilipit - a glutinous rice delicacy cooked with coconut milk. Similar to suman, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed.
Pineapple Cassava Bibingka - a unique cassava bibingka for you to try. Makes a good addition if you are selling kakanin.
Maja De Ube - an exciting way to make maja. This version is made with a combination of mashed ube or purple yam.
Ginataang Pinipig - a delicious native dessert of fresh green pinipig cooked in coconut cream and mixed with cubed gabi or taro root, sweet potatoes, jackfruit and saba bananas.
Milk Puto Recipe - a rich tasting puto loaded with milk, corn and buko. Perfect for any occasion.
Sinabalo (Suman) - this suman recipe is from Cagayan Region II. Instead of wrapping the malagkit in banana leaves, it is broiled in fresh bamboo tubes.
Butse-Butse - this native dessert is from central visayas region VII. Composed of mashed sweet potato formed into balls and stuffed with grated cassava inside.
Binu-Hang Gabi - this stuffed taro root recipe is an authentic native dessert from central visayas region VII.
Baye-Baye - A Western Visayas Region VI dessert delicacy made from toasted pinipig, coconut water and grated young coconut.
Iraid - A native delicacy from Bicol region V a combination of cassava and sweet potatoes with coconut milk and brown sugar then wrapped in banana leaves.
Kalingking - this native delicacy is from Bicol region V
Binaki - this delicacy is from Northern Mindanao Region 10
Bocarillo - an eastern visayas sweet made from sweetened grated coconut with eggs and milk.
Binagol (or Binangol) - This is a visayan delicacy. Sweetened shredded gabi tuber with coconut and condensed milk then cooked in coconut shells and wrapped in banana leaves.
Maja Blanca - a real version of maja blanca with additon of milk to make it more tastier and creamier.
Putong Bigas (Putong Puti) - steamed puto made from ordinary rice.
Minatamis na Saging na Saba - procedure on how to make a sweetened bananas ( saba ) boiled with lemongrass and ginger with ice cream.
Bibingka Cassava ( Kamoteng Kahoy ) - bibingka made from grated cassava, coconut milk, eggs and sugar.
Puto With Cheese - is an all-time favorite kakanin or native delicacies.
Native Halo - Halo - Halo -Halo recipe that uses coconut milk instead of evaporated cow's milk, mashed boiled ube and shredded young coconut meat.
Baked Bilo-Bilo in Coconut Sauce - bilo-bilo stuffed with monggo mixture ,poured with coconut sauce and then baked.
Squash Cuchinta - traditional cunchinta with squash.
How to make Coconut Milk and Cream - this topic will teach you how coconut milk and cream are made.
Bibingkang Galapong - a rice cake made out of rice flour,coconut milk, eggs.
Bibingkang Malagkit - a rice cake made out of glutinous rice,coconut milk, brown sugar etc.
Corn Maja - a cake made out of rice flour,coconut milk, grated young coconut .
Champorado - native gruel made out glutinous rice, cocoa, milk and sugar.
Simple Kutsinta ( Cuchinta ) - a steamed cake made out of rice flour, sugar, water.
Atchuete Kutsinta ( Cuchinta ) - a steamed cake made out of all purpose flour with anatto seeds for coloring.
Brown Suga Kutsinta Cuchinta - a steamed cake made out of all purpose flour, sugar, water and brown sugar.
Espasol - native dessert made out of glutinous rice, coconut milk, shredded coocnut, rice flour.
Ube Halaya - dessert made of mashed purple yam and condensed milk.
Mocha Choco Polvoron - a powdery dessert made out of flour, powdered milk, cream, coffee, chocolate.
Puto Biñan Special - a native steamed cake made out of brownie mix, eggs, cheese.
Ginataang Munggo - a sweet thick gruel made of glutinous rice, toasted monggo beans, coconut milk.
Guavas With Coconut Cream - boiled ripe guavas with coconut milk and sugar.
Masapan De Pili- nutty candies made out of pili nuts, sugar butter and egg yolks.
Nilupak - made from unripe cooked bananas ( saba variety ), young coconut meat, brown sugar.
Palitaw - famous native delicacy made from ground glutinous rice, sugar and shredded coconut.
Pastillas De Mani or Pili - a native candy made from condensed milk, ground nuts and corn syrup.
Polvoron - a powdery dessert made out of flour, powdered milk, sugar and butter.
Tahada - a native dessert made from pounded rice flakes, grated young coconut, milk and sugar.
Taldis - made from mashed boiled sweet potatoes, ground pili nuts, egg, coconut milk and vanilla.
Squash Maja - sweet cake made from squash, coconut milk, evaporated milk, corn starch and sugar.
Maruyang Saba - fried saba bananas coated with batter with eggs and milk.
Cassava Cake - tasty cassava cake for any occasion.
Grahams Buko Pie - a no bake easy to make delicious buko pie!
Suman sa Ibos - famous suman wrap in buli leaves.
Tamales a la Vegetarian - a unique no meat tamales which is famous in pampangga, cavite.
Pichi-Pichi Espesyal - a steamed cake made out of grated casava, sugar, water, coconuts.
Puto Bumbong - a steamed malagkit rice mixture.
Guinataang Halo-Halo - saba bananas,camote,ube,langka boiled in coconut milk.
Biko - a steamed malagkit rice mixture. Sapin-Sapin - a native dessert consists of coconut milk,ube powder,gelatin,corn kernels.
Bukayo with Pandan - a sweetened grated coconut, a famous delicacy with a slight variation.
Binignit - a sweet delicacy made out of gabi,ubi,tapioca,bananas boiled in coconut milk.
Binalay- made of glutinous rice, panocha.
Masapan de Buko - a sweet delicacy made out of buko,condensed milk,egg yolks,glazed fruit.
Puto (Steamed Muffins With Anise Seed) - steamed muffins made of flour,coconut milk and cream,anise seeds.
Puto Caramba - deep fried puto made from flour,shrimp,pinipig.
Pastillas De Gabi ( Taro Root ) - made out of young gabi or taro root,condensed milk sugar.
Sapin-Sapin Palitaw Espesyal - made from ground rice,nestle cream,macapuno,langka floating on syrup.
Suman Sa Lihia - made from glutinous or malagkit rice, lihia or lye, salt and wrap in banana leaves.
Suman Sa Moron - made from glutinous or malagkit rice,ordinay rice,coconut milk,peanuts.
Tupig - made from glutinous or malagkit rice flour,coconuts,molasses,sesame seeds, wrap in banana leaves and baked over live charcoal.
Ube Kalamay - made ube, mochico(sweet rice flour),coconut milk, latik and baked.
Banana Pastillas - pastillas made from saba bananas, sugar and butter.
Umaalab Na Mangga ( Flaming Mango ) - pancake with specially prepared syrup(bignay brandy , passion fruit concentraste) and garnished with sweetened mangoes and sago.
Kamote Pie (Sweet Potato Pie) - our very own kamote or sweet potato made and baked into a delicious pie.
Pili Pulp Cassava Cake - a variation of cassava cake with pili pilp,pili nuts,cheese,eggs,milk.
Sticky Turron Saba - turn your over ripe saba bananas to a gourmet dessert, sitcky turron saba caramelised, crispy and sticky.
Maruyang Saging In Rum Butter Sauce - a variety of maruyang saba (fried banana patties), mixed with special batter, fried and poured with rum butter sauce.
Tinutong Na Monggo - ginataang malagkit (glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk) with toasted monggo beans.
Sinocmane - glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk with camoteng ube,brown sugar,buko.
Mango Pie - a no bake pie made from ripe mangoes,gelatin,eggs.
Ginataan Mais - glutinous rice or malagkit rice and scraped corn from a cob then cooked in coconut milk.
Turones Filipino Con Yema - a vareity of turon saba, dipped in yema and drizzled with melted chocolate and sprinkled with chopped toated cashew nuts and garnished with cherries.
Polvoron Ala Pinipig - polvoron or short cake made from cake flour,powdered milk,sugar and fried pinipig.
Buko Pie - the all time favorite original buko pie !
Biko Kalabasa- biko or sticky rice combined with squash.